My Summer Refresh with SkinPharm

dysport, filler, and the gold infusion I had done at Skin Pharm to improve my skin in Atlanta Georgia!

This post was created in partnership with Skin PharmAll opinions are my own and thank you for supporting me as I support local businesses in Atlanta! 

If y’all read my post about my wedding beauty prep then you know there I two things I love….self-care and working with local Atlanta businesses! I spoke a lot last year about everything I did for the wedding to look my best. Now that the wedding is over, there are a few treatments I’ve decided to keep up with just because I loved the results so much. One of them was my dysport, filler, and the gold infusion I had done at Skin Pharm! I’m partnering with SkinPharm and I’m so excited to share with y’all the details and what you can ask for during your visit if you want the same amazing results!

Keeping Up With Wedding Beauty at Skin Pharm

The last time I was at SkinPharm, it was for my final touch up before the wedding, which has been about eight months ago (how have we been married eight months?!)! I see Kathryn Seeger at Skin Pharm in Buckhead and she truly works miracles. She graciously pulled together all of the information on my treatments so y’all have all the details!

Coming to SkinPharm, I could tell some of my forehead lines were starting to show, I looked more tired than usual, and my skin just felt “bleh”. Since it’s been eight months since I visited Kathryn, we decided to do a quick touch up of all my previous treatments & top my visit off with my absolute favorite go-to for glow, a golf infusion. Some quick Botox, under-eye filler, and a gold infusion were the perfect answer! Kathryn also touched up my lip filler and made sure everything was still looking perfect from my last visit. Keep reading for all the details of Kathryn’s treatment plan for me!

dysport, filler, and the gold infusion I had done at Skin Pharm to improve my skin in Atlanta Georgia!

An Overview of my SkinPharm Treatments: 


Why I love it: I hate fine lines on my face because of the way my makeup sits in them & I feel so much more confident when I feel “smooth”. I know that aging is a privilege… but I’m a huge fan of starting Botox young for myself so I can age gracefully and subtly. 😉

Recommended every 3-4 months. Read more about Botox/dysport here.

  • My treatment plan: Forehead + around eyes + platysma bands for jawline snatching
  • Most common areas: Forehead and around eyes 
  • Other common areas: Bunny lines, upper lip flip, masseters, platysma bands (what we did for jawline tightening)


Why I love it: One of my biggest insecurities used to be my dark under eye circles, and I have heart shaped face with dimples so my jawline has a huge impact on my profile and always felt “puffy.” Filler has changed the game for me- I look refreshed and so snatched (If I’m getting Botox I’m probably too to old to say that…). Lip filler has also been so much fun- it made such a difference in my wedding photos!

Recommended every 6-12 months depending on the area. Read more about filler here.

  • My Treatment Plan: Lips + Undereyes + Jawline 
  • Other common areas: Cheeks, temples, chin, posterior jawline, smile lines

Gold Infusion

Why I love it: The GLOW y’all. You are instantly radiant- there is nothing like it. I’ve tried pretty much every type of facial out there and this one takes the cake. I always get this 1-2 days before a big event and I always feel the biggest difference in my skin. If you want the “wow” factor, this is it.

Recommended within 7 days prior to an event or quarterly for maintenance. Read more about gold infusion here and an FAQ Kathryn wrote here.

  • My treatment Plan: Gold infusion 1-2 days before major events (like the wedding!) and photo shoots for the blog. I also love them so much that I get one every time I see Kathryn! 🙂
  • Treatment areas: The standard is your face down to your neck
dysport, filler, and the gold infusion I had done at Skin Pharm to improve my skin in Atlanta Georgia!

My Skincare Journey

I’ve always had difficult skin- it’s super sensitive and acne prone, and everything, even being slightly stressed or a non-cotton shirt gives me a big, blotchy rash these days. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed the new appearance of fine lines and that I look exhausted when I don’t get a full eight hours (which is often with Basil!)

Skincare can be tough these days with eight million influencers telling you the latest and greatest potion to look younger, and I myself feel totally overwhelmed when I go into Ulta just to find a face cream. That’s why I wanted to just go to an expert- working with Kathyrn at SkinPharm has been no-nonsense, all results, and she even gave me an instruction guide on how to use the SkinPharm products I took home!

I’ve been going to see her consistently in the past two years and can’t believe the difference in my skin texture, face shape, and appearance. She has made my once blotchy, red, sensitive, greasy skin skin clear, smooth, contoured, and glowing. I can’t believe the difference in my confidence- I now leave the house without any makeup on all the time, and I don’t mind because my skin looks that good!

If my story sounds like yours- I 100% recommend seeing Kathryn Seeger at Skin Pharm in Buckhead! She’s part of an amazing local business in Atlanta and I love supporting amazing women like her!


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