My Favorite Wedding Purchases

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia

My Amazon Storefront Is Live!

Y’all I made an amazon storefront- you can shop all my favorite finds here. I’m probably a little behind on the Amazon game- because I love supporting small businesses in Atlanta so much. However, after buying our house, planning our the wedding, and getting a puppy I have so many fun finds to be able to share, a lot of which were from Amazon. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about wedding decor, Basil’s favorite toys, and items in our home, so it just made sense to link it all together. I do make small commissions from your purchases, which helps me run Belle on the Beltline. Thank you as always for being here & your support!

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia

Wedding Essentials

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia


The best thing I did when we got engaged was to get organized and do research. For me, that meant reading alllll the important books and stocking up on organization supplies! I was gifted the Knot Wedding Planner, which was really helpful for reading to get a sense of to-do lists and what the project of planning would entail (although I didn’t fill it in- I just read it).

I ended up buying my own binder for my own to do lists which I printed out and added in contracts from vendors, fabric swatches, and everything in-between. If you are on the fence- just go ahead and buy the printer. It was so much easier to do planning when I had physical pieces of paper in front of me, and the printer I linked in my storefront has six months of ink free, which is totally worth it if you’re a bride (I used almost all of the free ink wedding planning!).

When planning I also re-read Weddiculous a few times- it was so refreshing in the world of crazy, over the top weddings. I found Jamie Lee through her comedy show on Netflix and found so much comfort and real advice her in book. 🙂

Enjoying Being a Bride

I loved buying all the bride things! You’re only a bride once- I’m all about buying the mugs, wearing the bride earrings, and just going all out. If you are getting married soon, don’t hold back.

I went crazy with my bachelorette accessories, and then got to re-wear them on my honeymoon! It was fun to physically celebrate this season of life, and I love a great picture (accessories really make it pop!). Now that the wedding is over, I’m so glad I took the time to celebrate with all my fun bride accessories.

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia

Bridesmaid Proposals & Gifts

I gifted my bridesmaids a few things throughout the wedding planning process, and if you have more than 3 girls it really adds up quick! I mostly gifted them items from the travel section of Ulta, but I loved a few items from Amazon that I could get ‘sets’ of to save some $.

I bought the champagne glasses and ordered custom vinyl stickers from Etsy so each girl had a personalized glass, which was super cute. Then I threw in mini bottles of processco in their proposal boxes and a few of my favorite sheet masks. I also loved the pink eye masks- they’re great quality and a great value for the price. We wore them on the bachelorette and while getting ready for the big day!

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia

Wedding Decor

Our wedding decor had a few DIYs, but it was mostly candles and flowers. Our venue, the Wimbish House, had tons of mantles that I wanted covered, which meant buying tons of candles, which can get really expensive.

To cut costs, I used tea light candles and bud vases, with a few pillar candles interspersed. These ones from Amazon were the best value for the best burn time, and I’ll probably resell them on Facebook in a few weeks. I also thew in one set of small pillar candles that were Gardenia scented, which was a really fun way to add another element to our day. I didn’t use all of them, but you could very subtly smell them in our cocktail hour!

I only DIY’d the flowers for our cocktail area, so I bought most of our bud vases from Goodwill and got the flowers from Trader Joes. I used one set of vases from Amazon, which was pricer than my Goodwill finds but by far my favorite (and I still use them around the house today!).

The other DIY I did for the wedding was our card box and pumpkins, which I collaged with magnolia paper I found in a boutique in Athens. It was an easy craft to do and added a fun Southern, fall flair to the wedding.

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia

Day-Of Essentials

I could probably fill six Amazon carts with day-of essentials and wedding-day emergency kits, but I’ve linked everything that I personally used and had on my on our big day.

By far the best things I used were lidocaine for my feet and a sewing kit, because my toes were killing me and my dress kept breaking! My sister had to fix my bustle and straps a few times on the morning of the wedding.

I was super nervous about photos and looking ‘fresh’ since we didn’t have a first look, so I’m glad I had things to touch up with in my pocket (I also had lip gloss but I got it from Ulta, not Amazon). It was so great to be able to do a touch up and have a handkerchief on me for when I teared up.

I didn’t buy the Listerine strips, but our wedding day coordinator handed us them to use instead of the mints I had bought- best tip ever. They’re super powerful and were so tiny to carry!

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags were important to me because most of guests traveled in but I didn’t want them to cost a fortune, so I bought everything in bulk on Amazon.

I packaged gummy peach rings and coca colas and thew in praline pecans as well for the snacks, and each went into mini plastic baggies from Amazon. I hand sealed them with a bag sealer and custom stickers with our wedding monogram.

My sister made homemade peach soap to go in as gifts for the guests, so the whole thing was Atlanta themed! It was so cute- she’s so talented. She sells her soaps in the State College area if you happen to be local- her company is called Peculiar Soaps!

For the bag themselves, my super talented mother-in-law added gold magnolia foil stamps to the white gift bags and then we sealed everything with a custom tag and ribbon. The final touch was cards I made in Canva to welcome our guests.

amazon wedding purchases favorite for online shopping atlantan Georgia
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