Atlanta Bar Golf on the Beltline

Happy Thursday, y’all! This post is a bit different than my usual “things to do in Atlanta”….it’s party-themed!

Atlanta bar golf drinking game on the beltline

All credit here goes to Sydney, but I am excited to share my version of Atlanta Bar Golf that you can download (scroll to the bottom for the link!)! Basically it’s a bar crawl drinking game, and we had so much fun! This past weekend was my roommate Sydney’s birthday, and she came up with the amazing idea to play bar golf in Atlanta bars, which was highly requested by all of you on my Instagram to share!

Atlanta bar golf drinking game on the beltline

Atlanta Bar Golf Rules

Once you get the hang of it, playing Atlanta Bar Golf isn’t that hard- just remember that it’s like scoring a real game of golf- you want a lower score, and for this game you can get extra points or penalties for things like crying (+5 points) or tagging me on instagram (-5 points)!

The goal of each round is to drink on par- look at the scorecard to see what the par is. For example, a par two is a mimosa, and a par four is a mixed drink. You can get above or below par if you drink something stronger or weaker, or if you order more drinks. 

Remember to dress on theme- wearing golf clothes was so fun! I wore a Lilly dress (technically not golf clothes but def country club!), and my golf glove all day…I even brought one of my pink golf balls!

Atlanta bar golf drinking game on the beltline

How to Play Atlanta Bar Golf

This game leads you through Atlanta through all of my favorite spots, and it’s in order so you can work your way through the Beltline and stop for dinner right by Krog Street Market, which has tons of great options. Start with brunch at Publico, then head to the Nook, Park Tavern, and hit the Beltline with New Realm, Lady Bird, Lingering Shade, and Pour. Then, take an uber and end your night at the Clermont Roof! 

All of the instructions are on the scorecard- we printed ours out double sided and Sydney got us cute lanyards to wear! You could also use a mask chain if you don’t have a lanyard. Remember to bring a pen with you to keep score…and have fun! 

Download the printable for Atlanta Bar Golf here!

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