Cherry Blossom One-Day-Getaway in Macon, Georgia

Today I’m sharing the details of our cherry blossom one day getaway in Macon, Georgia- the perfect escape from the city to celebrate Spring! I’ve been stressed from work, so I took a mental health day Monday and played hooky, haha- Macon is about an hour and a half from Atlanta, so it’s an easy getaway for a long afternoon. 

 cherry blossom one day getaway in Macon, Georgia

Ry and I are from Washington, D.C., so it’s so weird for us to miss the Cherry Blossom festival (keep reading for a photo of us in D.C. at the end of this post!). When I heard that Macon has an International Cherry Blossom Festival, I decided that it was the perfect way to spend a day off. 

 cherry blossom one day getaway in Macon, Georgia

Georgia’s Cherry Blossom Festivals 

If Macon is too far for a drive, Conyers is only about a half hour from Atlanta and also has a cherry blossom festival on March 27&28. The Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival has an entire section for children, and seems to be a bit more covid-compliant if that is a consideration for you, as well (the fair in Macon was not enforcing masks). 

Macon’s International Cherry Blossom Festival runs from March 19-28, so if you are interested there is still time to go! Check their website to see which exhibits are running for the day you are planning- we went on a Monday so there wasn’t as much, but there are tons of events on the weekends! 

 cherry blossom one day getaway in Macon, Georgia

Downtown Macon & Cherry Blossoms

We went to see the cherry blossoms are right downtown- you can’t miss them! There are also trees at Wesleyan College. Check the bloom cam to see when the peak is- we were early before peak but tracked down a gorgeous tree by stalking Macon’s Instagram account, haha! 

The downtown area is super cute- we didn’t stroll a lot as our day was tight with the long drive, but there are a few cute shops worth peeking your head in! Next time, we will definitely do another lap around town. We probably could’ve spent about a half hour downtown and been finished, unless we grabbed a snack or drink, as it’s pretty small.

fair at the cherry blossom one day getaway in Macon, Georgia

The Cherry Blossom Fair at Carolyn Crayton Park

If I’m being honest, I went to Macon 20% for the pictures and nostalgia, and 80% for the fair (you might notice I even changed my outfit for the fair, LOL)! I love going to the fair and the weather was perfect- it felt just like the start of summer. I had so much fun!

The fair is outside of downtown Macon by about twenty minutes at Carolyn Crayton Park.Unlimited ride passes are $20 per person plus fair Admission, but they give free admission and 50% total cost for first responders, so it ended up being a really reasonable date, haha! 

We spent a few hours on all the rides- it was actually a pretty big fair, and it was great to go on a weekday when it wasn’t as crowded. 

macon beer company in macon, GA

Dinner & Drinks: Macon Beer Co. Taproom & Kitchen

We ended our day with dinner at Macon Beer Co., and had an amazing burger and flights before the drive back! Flights are only $10 and you can put seltzer in them, and the burger is award-winning…AKA the perfect meal in my book! Plus, the outdoor area was perfect to people watch in the town, and they even had games to play while you waited for your food. 

And that’s what I call a fun day off of work! Those are all the details of our cherry blossom one day getaway in Macon, Georgia- let me know if you visit in the comments!

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