Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day Dates in Atlanta

Happy (almost!) Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day Dates in Atlanta!

Here are my favorite date ideas around Atlanta, whether you plan to be with the girls celebrating Galentine’s Day (the friend appreciation holiday made famous by Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec) or on a Valentine’s Day dinner date at one of Atlanta’s fancier restaurants. 

While these holidays may be cheesy, I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to tell the people in my life how much they mean to me, or to eat pink candy and chocolates! 😉

Some of these Atlanta dates are better done in warmer weather- bookmark this post so you can come back and read them year round! Also, as a disclosure, I’ve discovered a few of these dates through collaborations & partnerships. Thank you for support of the work I do with local businesses! 

Ideas for Galentine’s Day Dates in Atlanta:

We are celebrating a small Galentine’s Day this year & I’m so excited for a day to celebrate friendship- I actually like Galentine’s Day better than Valentine’s Day! I like to go all out like we are in grade school and give my friends little candy valentines. This year, we are having a happy hour before we go out with pink drinks & a themed dessert board! Here are my favorite spots in Atlanta for a Galentine’s Day Date:

Waffles, but make them ATL: Galentine’s is from Parks & Rec, and if anyone knows Leslie Knope, they know that she loves waffles! If you’re celebrating in Atlanta, that means the most appropriate choice is Chicken and Waffles, of course ;)! My favorite spots are Hampton + Hudson or South City Kitchen. 

Margarita Night: A girl’s night out just says “margaritas” to me. I know in the OG Galentine’s day, it was a brunch, but I feel like taking it to the next level for a girl’s afternoon or evening is something that would make Leslie proud. I love Superica, Buena Vida, El Taco, Guac y Margys, and Bartaco for margaritas. 

Spa Day: When I want to relax with the girls, I love to have a good spa night- either at home with face masks and a chick flick (my favorite is Notting Hill), or out to get mani/pedis. If you follow me on instagram, you know I just got special Valentines Day nails at Prose in Midtown- so fun! 

Dessert Night: Even in February, I love to get a sweet snack like ice cream! There are so many great dessert spots in Atlanta- I love Voga Italian Gelato, Jenis ice cream, Honeysuckle Gelato, Butter & Cream, Five Daughters Bakery, Saint Germain, and Root Baking Co. You can read my full list of favorite sweet spots in Atlanta on my Atlanta Bucket List

Atlanta Activity Dates (for Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day!):

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at top golf

Bowling: The Painted Pin and The Painted Duck are my favorite destination for a date or night with friends when I want to have fun! They’re the best spots for “classy” bowling and have other games, a bar with food, and such a fun atmosphere (they are often frequented by celebrities shooting movies in Atlanta!).

Splatter Paint Studio: The Splatter Paint Studio is right in Ponce City Market and really fun with a group- perfect for a group of friends or a double date!

Axe Throwing: We went Axe Throwing a few months back at American Axes in Marietta and had the best time! And, it was BYOB which was fun! 

Wine Tasting: I love a good wine tasting because you always learn something about the wine! An Atlanta favorite for wine tasting VinnoTeca is Inman Park, which has outdoor seating and a great deal on wine tastings. (I also love City Winery in Ponce, but they are closed right now). 

Top Golf: We went to Top Golf last weekend and had a blast- I can’t believe I’ve never been before! It’s relatively inexpensive if you go with three or more people, and it’s a fun activity for the group. There is generally a long wait, so I recommend running in to put in your phone number, and then driving to a brewery (there are multiple within a mile!) and having a drink while you wait. 

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at the aquarium

Georgia Aquarium: The aquarium is such a fun spot in downtown Atlanta and the newest displays are amazing. If you’re looking to save some money, go on someone’s birthday- if you are a Georgia resident, it’s free! While you’re downtown, finish your date at the General Muir (the best burgers & bagels in Atlanta!). 

High Museum: I grew up going to D.C. all the time, so I love a museum date! The high is free on the second Sunday of each month which makes it a great budget date, as well! Wander around and explore the art, then grab lunch in Midtown. 

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at the river having a picnic

Atlanta Outdoor Dates (for Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day!):

Picnic in Piedmont park or on the Chattanooga river: pick up a sandwich from a fun spot like Bennett’s Deli, or takeout from your local favorite restaurant! (Ryan got me a Bobby, AKA Thanksgiving on a Sandwich, from Capriottis which were my favorite in Delaware!!)

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at the Starlight Drive in to watch a movie

Drive in movie: I LOVE a good drive-in movie. I don’t know if it’s because my family watched Grease every summer or because they’re so perfect for social distancing, but these have been our go-to this year and last. The Starlight is an Atlanta icon- you can read more about it here

Urban Hikes: I’m not a big hiker but in a moment of quarantine desperation Ryan and I did venture to do one of Atlanta’s urban hikes and it wasn’t completely terrible, ha ha. I love Sweetwater State Park for a walk around the water, but there are a ton to explore! I recommend packing a picnic or even a good book if you want to just lay out by the sunshine (and avoid hiking…). 

Six Flags: Going to an amusement park is a bit of an unconventional date, but I loveee rides so I’m mentioning Six Flags! It’s so fun to escape the city and be a kid for the day!! If you go off-season, it’s not too hot and cheaper, too. 

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens: The botanical gardens are a perfect date because they’re right in Piedmont Park but you feel like you’ve escaped the city completely. You can read about visiting the gardens here.

Drive Through Safari: This was one of the more bizarre things that we did last year after another Tiger-King-Quarantine frenzy, but it was cool! You can read more about our visit here

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at Amicalola falls

Amicalola Falls: One of my favorite things we did last spring was a visit to the tallest waterfall in Georgia- it was so beautiful! It’s not really a “hike” to get to, but you can explore the park and pack a picnic…AKA my kind of hike. You can read more about our visit here

Gibbs Gardens: Gibbs Gardens in the spring was the perfect escape from the city into nature- I definitely want to go back this year! It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s perfect to walk around and see all the flowers. It’s bigger than the Atlanta botanical gardens and if you time it, they have certain flower displays depending on the month.

Providence Canyon State Park: I haven’t been to the little grand canyon of Georgia yet but it’s on my list! It looks like a great hike for a fun escape & would be super cool to see. 

Lake Lanier Day: This is less of a “date” and more of a day-long-thing, but I’m mentioning it because our days on the lake are some of my favorite days with Ryan- I want to go back with friends and hopefully rent a boat this year! We visited Lake Lanier Park Beach and Don Carter State Park last year and loved them- so perfect for an easy day when it’s warm outside. You can read about our visits here and here.

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at Lingering Shade on the Belltine

Casual Dates in Atlanta (Perfect for a First Date!)

Note: I haven’t been on a first date in over four years and truly do not understand the dating apps except that there is swiping involved…thank you to my friends and their Hinge addictions for their help here! 

Kroger Bar: This is a genius spot for a first date because there is absolutely no pressure, it’s right on the Beltline, and it’s as cheap as you want it to be! The “Pub on Ponce” (read: Kroger Bar) sits right on the porch of the “Beltline Kroger” (read: Murder Kroger) and has a little window with takeout beer & wine. You can have one glass and dash after you paid if your date is awful, or you can run in and grab a pre-made Charcuterie board or pimento dip with crackers if it’s going well, and keep the date going. 

Coffee Date: A coffee date is perfect for a first date because you know that there is no pressure to continue the date or do anything after. There are so many great choices for coffee in Atlanta- Dancing Goats (there are a bunch of locations all over Atlanta!), Spiller Park Coffee in Ponce City Market if you want to wander around while you sip, Julienne’s crepes in Inman Park if you want a snack, Brash Coffee….so many choices!

No-pressure Cocktails: I love going “out” on a date but sometimes there can be so much pressure if you don’t know someone well. I recommend a spot that doesn’t offer dinner, so there is less pressure to stay, or a fun themed spot! Lingering Shade is a great choice because it’s appetizers only, and you can people-watch on the Beltline. Or, try a fun spot to ease your nerves like Tiki Tango or the S.O.S. Tiki Bar in Decatur. 

Atlanta Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day date idea at the roof of Ponce City Market

Romantic Dinners in Atlanta for Valentine’s Day:

Sun Dial Restaurant: This restaurant is one of my favorites- Ryan and I went for our three year anniversary and had the best time. It sits above downtown Atlanta 700 feet up and has incredible views. It’s pricey but perfect for a fancy date! You can read about our visit here

Ponce City Market Roof: If you’ve been dating for a while and want to celebrate a milestone, this is my pick! Ryan and I went for our four year anniversary and had a great time. Go all out and get a nice meal at Nine Mile Station (we did brunch so it would be emptier!), play the games, and take in the views. It is pretty expensive, but it’s so worth it. 

The Garden Room: This iconic restaurant has been on my bucket list for ages- reservations are impossible to get and months out (I booked one in Jan of 2020 for June of 2020 and covid canceled it and I was crushed!!). One day I will be able to go and take a picture in the gorgeous flowers…today is not that day haha. 

Other Fancy Atlanta Restaurants that are local favorites:

  • Aria
  • Polaris Restaurant
  • La Grotta Ristorante Italiano 
  • Sotto Sotto 
  • Bacchanalia
  • Atlas
  • Canoe  
  • Kevin Rathbun Steak
What are your plans for Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day dates in Atlanta this year?

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