A Day in the Life of an Atlanta Blogger

Day in the Life of an Atlanta Blogger

Have you ever wondered what my day-to-day routine is like as an Atlanta blogger? Then today is your lucky day. 😉 I personally always love reading blog posts like this because I think it’s so interesting to get a snapshot into someone else’s life…here is mine! 

A Day in the Life…working full time and as an Atlanta blogger

If I had to describe my day in one word, it would be busy- almost every half hour of my day is scheduled out, and it’s so necessary because I have so much to do! Between working full time in finance and blogging, I need to maximize my days so I don’t get overwhelmed. 

Currently, I’m working from home but I spend a lot of my day “in-office” at my desk in our home office. It’s so important for me to have a consistent routine- if I don’t get ready for the day or if I’m working from bed, I am so much less productive and feel so gross by the end of the day. 

I’m a morning person, so I try to focus my energy bright and early to avoid last-minute tasks when I’m exhausted in the evening. Plus, blogging can be hectic- some evenings I’m at dinner for a blog post, doing something fun for a collaboration, or I just want a relaxing night with friends. Ensuring that all of my tasks are complete by the time I finish work at 7 PM means that I can relax and feel proactive about my day.

Day in the Life of an Atlanta Blogger

A Day in the Life: Weekday Routine as an Atlanta Blogger

6:55 AM: My alarm goes off, I wake up, and I run straight for my Keurig. I spend my mornings back in bed (no shame) with my laptop, working on blog things until it’s time to get ready for work. 

I always have a million things to do for my blog- writing and editing posts, SEO strategy, social media, content planning and editing, and business-y things like my balance sheet, negotiating contracts…the list goes on. A solid two hours in the morning is a must for me to be productive and make a dent in my non-stop to do list.

9:00 AM: After I work on blog things, I get ready for the day- it’s time to climb out of bed and get dressed. Usually this is the hardest part of my day because I get so into blogging- it’s tough to have a rigid stopping point, especially if I’m really engrossed in writing a blog post. But, I do have a full time job and don’t want to scare anyone on a video call, so I have to do my skincare, hair, makeup, and get dressed. 

9:30 AM: Once I’m ready, I make my morning protein shake for breakfast and log on to work. My protein shake is actually a hack I found on Tik Tok- I mix Starbucks Iced Coffee with a Caramel Premier Protein shake- it’s so easy, has 30 grams of protein for <200 calories, and it tastes exactly like a caramel iced coffee! 

I start my days around 9:30 because I work later into the evenings, so it’s nice to have a longer morning to be productive. Once 9:30 hits, I’m completely focused on work with minimal distractions until lunch. 

12:00 PM: It’s time for my lunch break, which for me is my workout time- I go to a short lunchtime spin class on the Beltline. I ride my scooter there, and it’s the perfect excuse to get out of the apartment for a much needed break from a long morning. After, I rush back to my apartment, take a quick shower, and get back to work. 

1:00 PM: After spin, I log back into work after I shower and freshen up. Then, I’m fully focused on work again and have a quick snack while on my afternoon calls (video off and muted, haha). Usually for a snack I’ll make myself a cup of green tea and fruit & veggies with popcorn. If I’m having a rough day, I might have chips or cookies (I am human!) but I generally try to be healthy. 

I don’t drink caffeine after 2 PM because I won’t be able to sleep, but I do find that a spin class at lunch and a cup of green tea recharges me so well- I used to get the dreaded afternoon slump, but lately I’ve had so much more energy. 

4 PM: Every day around 4, I’ve been trying to take a ten minute walk on the Beltline to get outside and get some fresh air. Because I work late and it’s winter, I don’t really get as much sunshine as I would like, so this afternoon walk completely changes my day. Then, it’s back to work until 7PM. 

7 PM: I finish work and make dinner. I usually have some roasted veggies and chicken if I’m home, or I’ll go out to dinner. My evenings are never consistent in schedule- sometimes I’ll go somewhere for a collaboration, sometimes I’ll go out with friends or Ry, sometimes I will immediately take a bath and go to bed at 9PM 😉 …it all depends. 

It’s nice to not worry about my constantly changing plans, though, since by 7 PM I’ve already done everything I need to for my blog and worked out for the day- I find that getting everything done in the morning is the only way I can be completely confident that everything will get done, no matter what I have going on that day. Then, the rest of my evening is whatever I want to do depending on my social life and blog collabs!

9:45 PM: My goal each day is to be tucked in bed by 10:30 PM, so I wind down and get ready for bed just before 10 PM. If I’m washing my hair, I put in a hair mask and shower, or I’ll take a nice bath to relax and read a book. 

10:00 PM: At 10:00 I’m in bed with a book, usually drinking a cup of chamomile tea. After 10 PM, I try to not use my phone or do any more work- blog or otherwise. It’s important for me to set boundaries for myself because blogging and social media can be all-consuming if you let it. 

Working Out and Diet

I’m definitely not the healthiest person by any means, but I have been trying to focus more on my health and fitness goals. Generally, I try to go to spin five days a week at a minimum, aiming for seven days a week but knowing that things like lunch time meetings and early morning plans happen. 

My diet tends to be less structured, though I am trying to lose the “quarantine fifteen” I got after having covid. I start my day with a protein shake to maximize protein and cut calories, and aim for healthy meals if I’m home. 

If I’m out to eat, I make the most of it and order whatever sounds good. Atlanta has such amazing food that I’m never going to be the girl that orders the salad- life is too short that I don’t want to sacrifice meals out. My hope is that I eat at home enough and more strictly during the week that I can enjoy a few meals out.  

Day in the Life of an Atlanta Blogger

A day in the Life: Weekend Routine as an Atlanta Blogger

I shared my Monday-Friday routine because it’s the most consistent, but I do try to be as productive as I can. Generally my weekends look something like this: 


  • clean apartment and do laundry
  • spin class 
  • mani/pedi or farmers market depending on the week (I do one or the other every other week)
  • brunch
  • whatever weekend plans I have


  • spin class
  • church (on Zoom right now)
  • more weekend plans
  • blog things in the evening to get ready for the week
  • one more clean up of the apartment and any other items like washing my towels and sheets
  • a nice, relaxing bath and probably a face mask and glass of wine
What is your routine like? What do you think of a day in the life as an Atlanta Blogger? Let me know in the comments!

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