New Year, New Name

Happy 2021- we made it. 🙂 I am so excited for this new year and jumping back into blogging after a much-needed two weeks off. I have so many resolutions this year- and the first is a rebrand! 

I started this blog as a much-needed creative outlet in March of 2020, just under ten months ago, and honestly never expected it to take off. I shared it on my Instagram so my friends could follow along with my life in Atlanta, and after a few months I realized people really enjoyed reading about my favorite spots in Atlanta and my life in the South.

It’s almost a year later now, and suddenly I have this amazing community, lot’s of loyal readers- including you! Thank you for being here!

Growing this fast comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work…and a lot more eyes on you. I spent a lot of last year playing catch up, terrified of making blogging mistakes as I continued to grow, and never feeling like I got the chance to be proactive with planning for the future.  

A few months ago I sat down in October and started reflecting on how far I’ve come and decided that I wanted to fully “go for it” with blogging. There was something overwhelming about realizing that my little hobby had launched into something unexpected and bigger…and that I needed to grow with it. Introducing… Belle on the Beltline.

Belle on the Beltline takes my girly take on life and spins it with my new home- Atlanta. Technically, I do live on the Beltline, so the name can be interpreted literally, but it’s not just where I live- it’s a symbol of the growth, innovation, and community that Atlanta has to offer. Plus, the alliteration is cute. 😉

I wanted a name that I could grow into, that was unique, and showcases what I have to offer that’s different from other local blogger and influencers- my unique, girly take on exploring the city and South. Will I share my favorite chicken sandwiches? Yes. Will I do it while wearing lace and lipstick? Also yes. 

Rebranding sounds exciting (and it was!), but it was hours and hours of hard work to understand where I want this blog to go, and who I want to be as an influencer. It meant so many different things- changing my instagram handle, picking a color palette for my branding colors, creating a logo, developing Belle on the Beltline products, updating my email services, phone calls with my accountant… and so many other behind-the-scenes hours of launching something new and better. 

So, be on the lookout for more and more exciting content- giveaways, more partnerships with local businesses, and so much fun stuff. 

This isn’t just a rebrand- this is the start of something new. It’s the everygirl’s guide to Atlanta and the South- now upgraded, and ready to start exploring Georgia in a new dress. 

Welcome to Belle on the Beltline.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Name

  1. So proud of you girl! Love the new name especially since I live close to the belt line! Lol looking forward to keeping up with here too! – @chaneyajoyner

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