The Best Chicken Sandwiches in Atlanta

The original chick fil a in Atlanta, where the chicken sandwich was invented

Atlanta’s Obession with Chicken Sandwiches

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite wing spots in Atlanta and y’all loved it! It inspired me to write this post- if Atlanta is obsessed with one food other than wings, I think it’s chicken sandwiches. And knowing where to find the best chicken sandwich around Atlanta is vital if you want to get a true taste of the cty!

This list is all of my personal favorites- in my opinion, the best chicken sandwiches are crispy without being greasy, packed with flavor (I love some pimento cheese!), and have the option to add some Nashville heat if I’m in the mood. This list practically wrote itself- there are a lot of places in Atlanta that don’t disappoint with good chicken sandwiches!

The original Chick-fil-a, the birthplace of Atlanta's chicken sandwich.

Atlanta’s Original Chicken Sandwich 

Before I got started writing about my favorite chicken sandwiches, I decided to go back to the place where it all began in Atlanta- the original Chick-fil-A. I know there is a debate about Popeye’s versus Chick-fil-A sandwiches, but I’m team Chick-fil-A (this is Atlanta, after all!). Plus, no one can compete with the classic chicken sandwich in the place that it was invented. Ryan and I tried the original Chick-fil-A, the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House, this past week and absolutely loved it- the chicken was better than any other sandwich we’d had at another on for my full review and favorite spots for chicken sandwiches around Atlanta! 

Atlanta’s Best Chicken Sandwiches at Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A Dwarf House- The Dwarf house is in Hapeville and is Truett Cathy’s original restaurant, where he invented the chicken sandwich in 1964.  It has the typical Chick-fil-A menu, plus items from the original restaurant, like the hot brown, corn bread, fried pies (get the apple!), and breakfast all day. It’s open 24 hours a day in true diner fashion.

Truett’s Luau if you want to really get into Chick-fil-A icons, Truett’s luau (yes, the one from Tik-Tok) is also near Atlanta, and has all hawaiian themed items. I haven’t been yet, but they have such a cool menu and a specialty BBQ chicken sandwich. 

Richard's chicken sandwiches in Krog Street Market, Atlanta, Georgia

The Best Chicken Sandwiches in Atlanta 

Richard’s Southern Fried Richard’s is my personal favorite chicken sandwich in Atlanta, and Creative Loafing agrees and rated it #1! It’s located in Krog Street market, and their sandwich is layered with pimento cheese and has three levels of spice. Bonus- their chicken is gluten free if you have allergies! Note: Richard’s is currently closed due to COVID-19, and as of 10/2020 the chef, Todd Richards, is replacing the stall with a new one, called Soul! Not to worry- chicken sandwiches are still on the menu. You can read about the new stall here.

Hattie B’s Hattie B’s chicken sandwich is a classic Nashville hot chicken sandwich and it does not disappoint! If Richard’s is my favorite plain sandwich, Hattie B’s is my favorite hot chicken sandwich. I have days where I crave their hot chicken- it’s that good.

Hattie B's chicken sandwich in Atlanta, Georgia

Rock’s Chicken & FriesRock’s is located in Phipp’s Plaza’s food court, and is a favorite among locals for the best sandwich in ATL. They use fresh, all natural antibiotic chicken that is buttermilk fried to get their sandwiches to be so good! They also have a grilled option, but who would want that, haha? Their frozen custard is also amazing for dessert!

Hop’s Chicken Hop’s is located in Ponce City Market, which is perfect for me because it’s so convenient. I like it because it’s always quick for lunch, even when Ponce is super busy. Their sandwiches can be a little dry as they only come with pickles (I add their honey packets to mine), but the chicken is high quality. I realllyyy wish they would add some Pimento cheese, though! I recommend their breakfast biscuit over their sandwich- their fried chicken on a biscuit is amazing! Their fried pies are also really good if you’re hungry for dessert.

Hop's chicken sandwich in Ponce City Market, Atlanta, Georgia

Folk Art RestaurantFolk Art chicken sandwiches are a favorite in Atlanta, and it’s a great spot for lunch. Folk Art is located in Inman Park just off the Beltline and has many classic Southern dishes, including their fried chicken sandwich, which is one of the best in the city and served with coleslaw on top.

Hampton and Hudson This is an unexpected find of mine as Hampton and Hudson is a restaurant, but their chicken sandwich is one of my favorites! They will let you add pimento cheese to it if you like, and it’s been my replacement to Richard’s chicken sandwich during COVID-19. The restaurant is located in Inman Quarter and is a great neighborhood spot to sit outside (their chicken & waffles is also my favorite in ATL!).

RevivalThis restaurant is in Decatur and has a Chick-fil-A inspired sandwich called the “Closed on Sunday” sandwich, which is based on the same menu item At Gunshow, the chef’s other restaurant. It’s like the classic Chick-fil-A sandwich we all know and love, but even better. Zagat even rated this sandwich the #1 to try in Atlanta! Right now, you can get the sandwich in the Beer Garden on Friday Evenings and Saturdays after twelve.

Where to find the best chicken sandwhiches in Atlanta

Another Spot to Try a Chicken Sandwhich on the Beltline

If you’re looking for a new one to try in town, Shake Shack on the Beltline just started serving chicken sandwiches- I think it might be worth a try while Richard’s is still closed!

What’s your favorite chicken sandwhich in Atlanta? Have you ever been to the original Chick-fil-A? Let me know in the comments!

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