The Top Ten Best Wing Spots in Atlanta

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The Local

Finding the Best Wings in Atlanta

Finding the top ten best wing spots in Atlanta was no easy task- Atlanta is a wing town, no doubt about it! There are so many great wing places in Atlanta- you have to try them all and pick your own favorite.

The following places are what I consider the ten best wing spots in ATL- the list is in no particular order, as any local will tell you that all of these are consistently competing for first place (although I must admit that I did put the Local first as it’s my own go-to spot!).

The list of wing spots has a little bit of every atmosphere- wing places tend to be pretty divey, but I did include a few spots that are better for a date spot or real restaurants (although now that I think about it, props to those of you that get wings on a date. It took me about a year and a half to eat them in front of Ry, haha!)

Top Ten Best Wing Spots in Atlanta

  1. The Local- my favorite spot to go to when I’m craving wings (I get the Korean/Buffalo sauce). It’s a dive bar with great karaoke and trivia nights, and the best wings and tots I’ve ever tasted. Go to the Clermont rooftop bar after if you’re in the mood for a nightcap- it’s right across the street.
  2. LT’s- a fast food shop known for being the best wings in the city- the house special is highly reviewed. It’s a little pricey, but worth it- this place is an institution.
  3. Thank U Chicken- Atlanta’s spot for Korean fried chicken. Between the atmosphere & yummy chicken with all their dipping sauces, it makes for a great trendy date spot in Duluth.
  4. Chase’s Grille and Wingery- Chase’s is constantly competing for best wings in ATL, but it’s also known for house dishes like their buffalo muffins (they’re amazing!). Most of their foods are made from family recipes, and the building itself is in the old cotton gin in downtown Norcross. || Update: since COVID-19, Chase’s in person location is now closed. They are converting to a fully online business and wing pop-up events in the future.
  5. Brew and Bird- great wings with a great atmosphere and outdoor patio that has live Jazz music most nights. They also have really good unique dishes- like their cauliflower wings and dumplings!
  6. Brockett Pub House & Grille- a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall pub with great food, especially wings. Their chef is constantly coming up with new creations- the honey mustard wings are known for being a local favorite.
  7. Jamal’s Buffalo Wings- Jamal’s was originally a takeout- only tiny spot by the Benz, but reopened in a newer, full-size restaurant. It still carries a reputation as one of the best neighborhood-favorite wing spots in ATL.
  8. Jack’s Pizza & Wings- A small, hipster favorite for pizza and baked wings. Jack’s has wilder flavors that you can combine, like strawberry and cinnamon (strawberry- lemon pepper is a local favorite).
  9. The Wing Bar- A great spot for wings- they even have Old Bay wings (as someone who grew up a Marylander this is very important, haha!). They are known for great ‘vings’ which are vegan wings. You can’t dine in, but they do have benches outside.
  10. J.R. Crickets- the local ATL place to famously order “lemon pepper wet” wings from the show ‘Atlanta’. (The story is that the screenwriters got the inspiration from American Deli wings, and wanted to trip up fans that ordered something that didn’t exist on the menu at J.R. Crickets- that flavor was called ‘Fester’ at JR Crickets. Ironically, J.R. Cricket decided to rebrand the menu to match the show.) The original location in Midtown on North Ave is worth a trip.

Bonus: American Deli and J.R. Crickets Taste Test

Now that you have the top ten best Atlanta wing spots, there is one more step to deciding on the best wings! If you’re a true ‘Atlanta’ fan (or general wing enthusiast haha), you need to compare the lemon pepper wet wings between JR Crickets and American Deli! This article explains the full story and gives its take- it credits American Deli with better sauce, and J.R. Crickets with better chicken.

Which Atlanta wing spot is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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