The Top 10 Breweries in Atlanta

Welcome to the Bucket List Series, where I list all my top things to do, eat, and see in Atlanta. This post is about the top 10 breweries in Atlanta- you can find the complete list on my Ultimate Atlanta Bucket List, which has over 470 of the best things to do in Atlanta, including restaurants, bars, breweries, day trips, and more. 

New Realm Brewing, Atlanta Georgia
New Realm Brewing

Breweries are an Atlanta staple- there are so many to choose from! It’s so fun to go and have a beer, and get some snacks from a food truck or people watch on the Beltline. Craft beer is a real culture here, complete with the casual brewery scene- big, open spaces to gather, the not-quite-dressed-up relaxed bar vibe, and cool new drinks to try. There are so many breweries in Atlanta that it can get overwhelming!

I’m interested in a few things when I go to a brewery: atmosphere, if there is food, and if there is sparkling seltzer (beer makes my stomach hurt haha!). I’ve added in details about those three items below in case you’re like me and are interested in a good view and a snack with your seltzer!

Here are my favorite breweries in Atlanta (in no particular order!):

The Top 10 Breweries in Atlanta:

  1. Sweetwater Brewing Companythe largest brewery in Atlanta
  • Atmosphere: a huge space with a ton of indoor and outdoor seating
  • Food Options: Yes- it has a full kitchen and menu! 
  • Seltzer: Yes- it’s not as good as White Claw but comes in fun fruit flavors
  1. New Realm Brewinglocated right by Ponce City Market . It has a rooftop with a view of the Atlanta skyline and a great bar vibe
  • Atmosphere: another huge space with a ton of indoor and outdoor seating, plus a rooftop view of Midtown and Downtown, and a view of the Beltline
  • Food Options: Yes- it has a full kitchen and menu with amazing food 
  • Seltzer: Yes- the Cherry Cola flavor is my favorite! They also have frozen mixed drinks 🙂
  1. Atlanta Brewing Company– Georgia’s first craft brewery
  • Atmosphere: has a fun outdoor patio
  • Food Options: Has rotating food trucks
  • Seltzer: No
  1. Monday Night Brewinggrew out of a small Atlanta Bible study and is famous for their dinosaurs in the large space- I go to the Garage location. 
  • Atmosphere: Has a great outdoor space with fire pits and a view of the Beltline.
  • Food Options: Has rotating food trucks most of the time
  • Seltzer: No
  1. Second Self Beer Company– is about fulfilling a dream and embracing “YOUR Second Self and living YOUR dream”
  • Atmosphere: A great open space and patio, and a fun photo booth! 
  • Food Options: Has rotating food trucks 
  • Seltzer: Yes- has very unique flavors, too! 
  1. Scofflaw Brewing Company– the name comes from Skoflo, which is defined as a person who flouts the law, especially by failing to comply with a law that is difficult to enforce
  • Atmosphere: A big indoor room and great outdoor patio with fun lights.
  • Food Options: Has rotating food trucks
  • Seltzer: Yes!
  1. Eventide Brewinga quieter, more relaxed neighborhood brewery in Grant Park
  • Atmosphere: a small, more intimate space with a nice outdoor area
  • Food Options: They have chips, popcorn, and King of Pops 
  • Seltzer: No, but they do have soda and La Croix
  1. Three Taverns Brewery“Belgian Inspiration. American Creativity”; they are known for their wide and very eclectic selection of beers
  • Atmosphere: a cozy indoor space and patio with lights and picnic tables
  • Food Options: Has rotating food trucks  
  • Seltzer: No
  1. Wild Heaven Beerfamous for its Emergency Drinking Beer- I like it for the garden and I love the new location on the West End on the Beltline!
  • Atmosphere: a great outdoor garden with a view of the Beltline
  • Food Options: Has tacos, wings, guac, queso, and more 
  • Seltzer: No
  1. Glover Park Brewerythis brewery is technically in Marietta but worth a mention because it’s seltzer is SO good! 
  • Atmosphere: a beautiful outdoor patio steps away from Marietta’s town square
  • Food Options: Has rotating food trucks 
  • Seltzer: Has house seltzer- the peach is the BEST. I’ve been to Glover Park with guys that have chosen the seltzer over beer because it’s that good, haha!

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