Fruit and Flower Picking at Southern Belle Farm

I’ve been trying to get outside and find as many summer activities as I can, and fruit and flower picking was high on my list! Ryan and I went to Southern Belle Farm last week to get the last of their blueberries and some fresh flowers, and we had the best time.

Southern Belle farm, which is an hour away from Atlanta in McDonough, is a 330 acre working farm that has U-Pick options year round- I think we might go back for the pumpkin patches and Christmas trees this year! They also have farm animals to see, a market, and a bakery with fresh ice cream and cobbler.

Blueberry season is almost over, but there are plenty of fresh flowers that are still available. I recommend checking their website before you go- they announce their availability each day. It wasn’t super hectic when we went last week, but I saw on their page that strawberries and peaches can get really busy. We went on a Sunday afternoon and arrived about twenty minutes before they opened, and there was already a line of cars waiting to get in- I think everyone realized it would be close to the last day of blueberry picking.

We picked flowers first and then walked over to the blueberry field after. They give you scissors and a red solo cup for the flowers, and then you can buy plastic pints for the blueberries and other fruit. They don’t allow big bags on the fields, so keep that in mind. Also be sure to bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray!

The flower field was breathtaking- I had never seen a field of flowers like that before. It was so fun to just walk up the field and look at them all! We spent over an hour just looking and choosing which ones to pick!

We did flowers first, which worked well because we took photos while the field was empty and before I got super hot. It was so hot, y’all- my flowers actually wilted in the heat! I would bring extra water for them to put in the cup next time. Not to worry though- they perked right up when I got home and put them in a vase! 🙂

Picking the blueberries was really fun- I hadn’t picked blueberries in a few seasons and these tasted so good. We bought two pints but actually only filled one- we were at the end of the season so it was taking a while to fill our pint, and we were so hot that it didn’t matter to us if we filled the second container- we gave up and went to get ice cream, haha!

I picked Southern Belle farm because I had heard about their peach ice cream- I grew up going to the Peach Festival in Maryland every summer with my grandfather and we would always get peach ice cream. I had high expectations (I can actually be quite the ice cream snob, haha- if it’s not farm fresh I’m usually not impressed!), and their peach ice cream did not disappoint. It tasted just like the ice cream at the peach festival- creamy, sweet chunks of peaches and thick the way real farm ice cream is. We also got strawberry slushies (it was so hot that we were craving anything sweet and cold!), which were also made with real fruit and heavenly.

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon- fresh flowers and fruit, sweet snacks, and a good way to get outside. It’s a great spot to go to pick the flowers, and spend an hour or two picking fruit in the sunshine, and then and get a cold treat…or two! 😉 We will definitely be back again next year to pick strawberries and peaches, and probably in the fall and winter too!

Have you been fruit or flower picking this summer? Have you been to Southern Belle Farm? Let me know in the comments!

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