Krog Street Market: Food and Shopping Favorites

If I had to pick between Ponce and Krog, I would pick Krog every time- it’s smaller, and feels much more local than Ponce. It’s usually a little less crowded, but still gets busy on the weekends as it’s smaller. In my opinion, it has better food than Ponce, although Ponce has better retail.

The building itself that Krog is in used to be Atlanta Stove Works, home of the cast iron Barrett Range. That closed in 1987, and became offices, then Tyler Perry Studios. The building became Krog Street Market in 2013, starting with just seven businesses.

Krog is located off of the Beltline about a 30 minute walk from Ponce. I like to walk from one to the other- read my post on planning a day on the beltline here.

Shopping Favorites

The Collective

The Collective is one of my favorite stores in Atlanta- it has so many unique gifts, and has a mini greenhouse devoted to succulents. Every time I go by Krog, I have to stop in. I have a serious plant addiction, and most are from The Collective! The plants are very reasonable and sometimes they have them on sale! I love to support a local business, and The Collective is one of my favorites in Atlanta.

The Merchant

The Merchant Is the perfect place for gifts in Atlanta- they have a great collection of seasonal items, and an Atlanta section for gifts that literally say “Atlanta”. I love to window shop here- it’s great for inspiration. 


Xocolatl is the best chocolate I’ve tried in the US- I love to stop by and get a sample every time I’m in Krog. It is a family run business that has its own small batch chocolate micro-factory, right in its storefront in Krog, and the chocolate is made from cacao that is sustainably and ethically grown, harvested, fermented and sun-dried. I love to give the chocolate bars as gifts- I generally always bring a bar or two if I’m going home or to visit Ry’s parents! If I can’t make it over to Krog, I love that I can also get them at the Whole Foods in Midtown. 

Food Favorites

Gu’s Dumplings

Gu’s is legendary in Atlanta as the best dumplings around. If Ryan picks me up from work I’ll sometimes have him stop at Krog first just to pick up Gu’s! I love their dumplings and fried rice, and Ry loves the dumplings and lo mein. 

Jenis Ice Cream

Jenis is amazing….enough said. Be warned: the line is always long. 

Varuni Napoli

Varuni is the best pizza in Atlanta. I usually visit their other location just outside of Midtown, but the bar at Krog is also great. Either way- the pizza tastes just like it did in Italy. It’s light, not greasy, and absolutely fantastic.

Richard’s Southern Fried

Richard’s tastes like Chick-fil-A on steroids. It is my favorite spot in Krog, hands down, and probably the reason I gained weight just after moving to Atlanta. I usually get a sandwich from Richard’s and skip the sides (they aren’t anything super special), so I have room for dessert! Try the sandwich- you won’t regret it.


Superica is one of the best Tex-Mex spots in Atlanta. They have a few spots around Atlanta, but my favorite is the Krog location. Their food is so good, and one of the few mexican spots where I can order a full entree without my stomach hurting. Usually, I’m forced to play it safe with a salad or chicken tacos, but at Superica I ordered a full mole entre and I felt fine, which is a win in my book! Get the margaritas- they’re strong and delicious. 

Hop City

Hop City is a great bar with local craft beer and wine. It is connected to Hop City Beer Shop, which has a great selection. If you’re looking for a drink to go with your dinner, this is the spot.

If those still weren’t enough food ideas for you at Krog (LOL), be sure to check out my post on Julianne’s, which is my favorite crepe spot right around the corner from Krog.

What is your favorite spot at Krog? Let me know in the comments!

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