My Apartment

My apartment in Midtown is my happy place- it’s all mine, just the way I want it to look (budget aside), and it’s the first place where I’ve ever lived alone.

I intentionally chose to make my apartment as bright and colorful as possible- if I don’t have a fun apartment now, I never will! One day I want a beautiful simple house with blue hydrangeas sitting in my perfect white kitchen….but for now, I am 22 and loving my peach and teal accents.

I love feeling “not quite” grown up in my apartment- I have no regrets about having Lilly Pulitzer cups and Kate Spade gold polka dot plates. If I have to be an adult, I’m going to do it my way- which means pops of color and not taking life too seriously.

Apartment Favorites 

Fresh flowers and plants

I always buy myself flowers when I go to the grocery store. A hyacinth or red tulips on my coffee table bring me so much joy- they make my apartment feel like home. I also have a little plant shelf that I bought on amazon and painted yellow that I fill with my favorite plants. It’s nice to have something to take care of, and I have a few plants specifically because they help clean the air in my apartment- it’s a win-win.

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Fun Furniture and DIYs 

Most of my decor came from home goods, hobby lobby, or was a hand-me-down. Some items I bought cheap and painted myself! I love to take something old and worn and make it new (and bright!). I bought my coffee table for $10 in college and painted it myself! That coffee table has been through a lot… but it’s super cost effective- every time there is a spill, I just repaint it. I also love to brighten up spaces with items from craft stores, such as the garland on my TV stand. I even painted the ladder for my plants yellow to make it brighter, too.

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Candles and Accents Lights

At any given time, I usually have at least two real and five fake candles going. My favorite real candles are Yankee Candle’s Lilac Blossom in Spring and Summer, and Balsam Cedar in Fall and Winter. I buy them on sale on Amazon on Black Friday and burn them all year long. 

I also love electric candles and string lights on timers, so I’m not coming home to a dark apartment. There is something so cozy about walking through the door and having a few candles flickering, and my balcony all lit up. It felt a little silly to buy, but that little $12 timer was so worth it- my apartment is instantly brighter and homier at night. It almost reminds me of Italy- I love sitting out there on a summer night and having a glass of wine. 

Personalized Pieces 

My apartment is an extension of who I am- many of the pieces have been personalized by me or are souvenirs from my past adventures. Pictures are one of the ways I personalize my space- I ordered about 200 free photos on Shutterfly this past summer, got $5 frames from Homegoods, and placed pictures of my family and friends everywhere.

I also incorporated Georgia pieces around my apartment, as well as memories from college- my graduation cap is even on display on my plant shelf! My scrapbook is even on my coffee table- I flip through it all the time. I love little tributes of what I’ve accomplished, my adventures, and personal adventures.

What did you do to decorate your apartment? Have you ever tried a DIY to refresh a piece of furniture? Let me know in the comments! 

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