Marietta Square

I was craving a day outside of the city on Saturday, so Ryan and I decided to explore Marietta Square. I couldn’t believe how cute it was! It felt like a trip to the perfect little town- think Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. 

We arrived around lunch time and decided to head over to the Marietta Square market, which is a few blocks outside of the square. Georgia really loves its food halls- this one felt more similar to Krog than Ponce, but busier and more compact. There are about 20 restaurants inside with seating in the middle. We did a lap around, but to be honest I got super overwhelmed because it was so busy and played it safe with barbecue. I definitely want to go back when it’s a little less hectic- I kept spotting people with cool dishes and wondering where they got them!

We walked back to the square after lunch and spent the day shopping. There are actually a lot of stores- it was nice to walk around and shop, but not be finished in an hour. Sometimes I feel like I want to spend a full afternoon in a cute town, but there are only five stores…Marietta Square is not like that! You can definitely spend at least three hours walking around- there were a lot of boutiques around the square, and a few more down Church street. 

I spent the most money at Doodlebugz- I could have spent my entire paycheck in there decorating my apartment! Instead of buying everything in the store like I wanted, I bought my mom a few things for Mother’s Day (I’m always shopping for the next holiday, haha!) and took a few pictures for decoration inspiration. 

We stopped for a snack at the Australian Bakery Cafe- it was actually recommended to me by my best friend’s dad in Canberra, Australia. If you are craving an Australian Meat Pie in Georgia, this place can’t be missed. I don’t actually love meat pies (Ryan loved his, though!), but it was so fun to go in and I have to admit it tasted just like the ones I had during my trip to Australia. If meat pies aren’t your thing, they also have fish and chips, burgers, and a ton of sweets.

Ryan and I want to come back soon and explore more of the town- we decided we want to see a show next at the Strand, and try one of the restaurants on the Square for dinner.  

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