Disney Trip

My Christmas present from Ryan this year was a trip to Disney…the ticket was tucked inside a rose gold Loungefly backpack that matches my ears! (Is this boy the sweetest or what?!)

We planned our trip for February as a getaway from winter, which ended up being just two weeks after Ryan moved to Atlanta- it was a bit of a whirlwind! But, we had the best time and ended up meeting up with friends from college that now live in Florida. 

We chose Magic Kingdom because we wanted our Saturday to be an “easy” day-I find Magic Kingdom to be the most laid back of all the parks. It had been a while since I had been to Disney, so we were craving a classic Disney day, filled with castles and Dole Whip. I think next time, we will go to Hollywood Studios to see the new Star Wars exhibit. 

I actually had the hardest time deciding what to wear- every time I checked, the weather forecast was constantly changing. I packed for literally every scenario, but was having such a tough time figuring out what would go with the backpack, haha! I was between a tee shirt dress and a tank top and white jeans- comfort was essential and I didn’t want to wear a thin-strapped shirt with the backpack. 

It ended up being about 70 degrees, which turned out to be perfect. I was worried about getting chilly when the sun went down (I’m always cold), so I grabbed my denim jacket on my way out the door. I was able to fit the entire jean jacket in the backpack, plus bandaids, gum, a mini hairbrush, snacks, and a water bottle, all hands-free. I loved it!

A day at Disney was just what we needed after the stress of Ryan’s move and the anxiety leading up to it for us! It felt like we had been worrying nonstop for six months as he applied to jobs in Atlanta. Having a day to celebrate him getting a job and finally living in the same city after 3 years was just wonderful! 

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