The Beltline

The Atlanta Beltline outside Ponce Market

A sunny Saturday in Atlanta isn’t complete without a day on the Beltline. I love walking along the path and joining in on the fun- if the weather is nice, you can expect to be surrounded by dog walkers, runners, joggers, roller-bladers (yes, I’ve seen it…alot!), bikers, scooter-ers, and people strolling to brunches and breweries.

I had no idea what the Beltline was before I moved to Atlanta. Essentially, the Beltline is a 22 mile path on old railroad tracks that, when finished, will connect 45 Neighborhoods in Atlanta.

You might not know this, but the Beltline is more than just a path to walk from Ponce to Krog market in search of the best chicken sandwich (Richard’s at Krog beats Hops at Ponce, if you ask me). It’s considered one of America’s most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs, and focuses on an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable city life through environmental efforts and affordable living programs.

If you are planning to visit the Beltline, I would recommend starting at either Ponce City Market or Krog Market. They are about a 30-45 minute walk apart on the Beltline, and each is worth a stop. In-between, you can take a detour at Inman Park if you like. 

Because I live in Midtown, I usually start at Ponce and end near Krog. There are a lot of great stops along the way- New Realm Brewery by Ponce is great for local IPAs and has a rooftop with a view of Midtown and Downtown. For brunch or cocktails, I go to LadyBird Grove and Mess Hall by Krog, which is themed like a summer camp (be warned it is a see-and-be-seen type of place on the weekends).

If you keep walking past Krog Market, there are more places to eat and drink along the Beltline. I love Pour, which is a bar with beer taps along the wall where you can fill your own glass. There are also a lot of restaurants, and a good ice cream place, Butter and Cream.

A day at the Beltline is hard to plan- you never know which neighborhood you will be in, which can make choosing a place to park difficult. If you are close enough, I recommend using a car ride app to get to your first spot, so you aren’t committed to getting back to where you started at the end of your day. That’s the fun of the Beltline- you never know which fun restaurant or place you will discover, or where you will end up!

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