Einstein’s (Brunch, Not Bagels!)

biscuits, grits, and a fried green tomato omlette

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good a bagel…but this post is about Einstein’s the restaurant, which is a Midtown brunch favorite. Einstein’s has been ranked as one of the best 100 brunches in America! It’s a neighborhood icon- I love to sit outside for brunch in Midtown and have some grits under the trees on their patio.

My personal favorite on their menu is their Green Omelette- it has fried green tomatoes in the omelette, and comes with a house made biscuit and a side of their pepper jack grits. Hand me one of their lavender sweet teas, and I am just in heaven! I’ve been to Einstein’s over ten times, and I’ve never actually ordered anything else…it’s that’s good!

Einstein’s is located a few blocks away from Piedmont Park, so Ryan and I will walk around the park after our brunch to try and offset all the grits and brunch bread (coffee cake when you first sit down for brunch is heaven in my book!), haha!

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