Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a great way to spend a nice day outside, and it’s perfect for children…or children at heart like myself! Zoo Atlanta is located in Grant Park, a beautiful neighborhood in Atlanta known for its Victorian homes.

My favorite part of the zoo was the safari section. They let you feed the giraffes, and they have African Elephants. I love elephants, and I had never seen an African one in person before I went to Zoo Atlanta- they are so much bigger than the Asain elephants I had always seen at other zoos. 

Tickets are on the pricier side of $28, so I myself consider a trip to Zoo Atlanta to be a “once a year thing”. It’s actually really weird for me to pay to go to the zoo- coming from Washington, D.C., I always went to the National Zoo, which is free! Something I love about Zoo Atlanta is that the tickets are going to a great cause. The zoo uses proceeds to support animal conservation and research, which helps protect all the animals you get to see there!

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