Swan House

I took my parents to the famous Swan House when they visited, and we had a great time learning more about Atlanta’s history and walking around! It’s a great place to take people that are visiting, or anyone interested in history.

The Swan House is located at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead and was built in 1928 for the Inman family…but I knew it from the Hunger Games: Catching Fire! The house played President’s Snow’s mansion in the movie, and a few of the gardens on site were also featured in the film. 

When you buy a ticket, you actually get a ticket for a few different properties. A ticket is $22 and gets you admission to the History Center in Buckhead, which has a museum and three houses on the property, including Swan House. You also get admission to the Margaret Mitchell House in Midtown if you go within nine days, which is a nice bonus. We started in Buckhead and spent a few hours there, and then went to the Margaret Mitchell House back in my neighborhood. I walk by it almost every day, so it was cool to go inside!

The museum in Buckhead had a few really neat displays that showed the histories of the different neighborhoods, but I enjoyed looking at the houses outside the most. The gardens and architecture were just beautiful- it was easy to imagine the Inmans coming home to such luxury. 

The Margaret Mitchell House is where Mitchell wrote Gone with the Wind. It’s right on Peachtree Street and surrounded by tall buildings- I love how it’s in the heart of the city. It’s small enough that we went through it in about a half hour (you could spend longer if you wanted to- we rushed through the end, haha!)

I would definitely recommend going on a nice day and taking time to explore all both properties- there is a lot to see between all three houses in Buckhead, and the Margaret Mitchell House is worth the trip.

We didn’t have time, but next time I go, I want to get lunch at the Swan Coach House, which is a high-end restaurant on the premises- hint, hint, Ryan!

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