South City Kitchen

This past Sunday was extra special because it was our first time going to church together in Atlanta! Ryan and I actually first met at church when we were children. Long distance made going to church together hard, and having him here at our new church for the first time was so special. 

We went to brunch after church, and decided to walk to South City Kitchen in Midtown (there is also a location in Buckhead). It is a great upscale brunch spot known for their chicken and waffles, and it did not disappoint! They also serve you fresh biscuits and cornbread when you sit down, (which is always the sign of a good brunch spot, in my opinion).

I was super excited to go also because they had a deal for $20 off in your birthday month (my birthday is in August, but I like to pick random birthdays throughout the year so I always have fun freebies!). The deal was through Fifth Group Restaurants, which is connected with a lot of restaurants in the city with a rewards card. If you go, definitely get a rewards card so you can get the deals!

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