Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I love going to the botanical gardens in Atlanta- a visit is the perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon and escape the city without really leaving.

The gardens always have different features and events going on, so the smaller displays are constantly changing. Right now the bigger topiaries are themed like Alice in Wonderland, which is very cool to see. The gardens are located right in Piedmont Park, so I usually walk through the park to get to them. When it’s nice outside, I like to bring a book and just sit for an hour or two!

Entrance to the gardens is a little expensive at $21, but an individual membership for free admission for a year is only $78. The membership also comes with one free guest pass, so I sprung for the membership. After going with Ryan and giving him the guest pass, I only had to visit once or twice more to get my money’s worth.

I do want note, however, that I unfortunately discovered this past year that the Holiday Lights and a few other special exhibits are not included in the membership. There is a discount night for members for Holiday Lights, which is a little less money than the regular tickets.

Despite certain events not being included, I think the membership is worth it- it’s fun to see the gardens at least once a season and experience all the displays year-round.

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