Fausett Farm Sunflowers

After our weekend getaway in Helen, Ryan and I drove back to Atlanta Monday afternoon and discovered a fun surprise- Atlanta’s best sunflower field! 

Fausett Farm Sunflowers is the most sunflowers I have ever seen at once- it was unbelievable. Ryan and I have actually tried to go to sunflower fields almost every summer that we have been dating, but have always missed peak season. It was so cool to happen upon this field- it was the perfect end to the weekend!

The field is in Dawsonville, which is right on the way out of town from Ellijay. If you have extra time, the fields are a five minute drive to Amicalola Falls, which is the largest waterfall in Georgia. You can read about my visit to Amicalola Falls here.

The field costs $5 admission per person (they do take card), and $35 for professional photographers. They’re open 8am-7pm every day, and they have horse trails for $10 if you have a horse and want to ride through- here’s the link to their website with more info.

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